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How to Watch the conference!
Please follow the directions below. 

1. You must be registered to view the conference-click "register here" above and follow those steps first. 

2. After you register, you will get a confirmation
email to the email address you used.  (do not re-register--we have to pay for each registration--and we are not charging people to watch the conference. 

3. Download the app "crowd compass" from the app store or google play.   This is the easiest way to watch.  If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can also watch online.  look at  "online" below 

4. In the Crowd Compass app, search for IGSD it will bring up the conference or to watch online, go to this link

5. It will then ask you to login with your name, email and confirmation number (that is in your email) (in both the app and online) 

6. Select "schedule" to view the sessions.  Even though there are "start times" they will remain there until the end of Jan 2023 for viewing.   

7. The only live event is the AGSD Business meeting on 10/21 for AGSD members.  

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