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Family Program Presentation Topics

Check Back in September for the finalized list of presentations!  

  • Panel Discussion of Mothers with GSD

  • Patient experience with Jardiance in GSD Ib.

  • Updates on the use of Jardiance in the GSD Ib

  • Backpacking around the World with GSD

  • Update on Ultragenyx clinical trials/Ultragenyx

  • COST initiative

  • GSD III Trial update/Ultragenyx

  • MRNA Trials in GSD Ia

  • CGM use in GSD Ia

  • Work on GSD III in France

  • Understanding your lab results?

  • Tips and Tricks for Nighttime Cornstarch

  • Managing night time regimens as an adult?

  • Becoming a Physician while Managing my GSD

  • Staying Healthy in Pregnancy

  • All carbohydrates are not created equal!

  • Communicating Effectively with multiple medical teams as a parent and patient

  • The effects of stress, illness, and hormonal changes on blood glucose

  • Glyde Trial Results

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